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Please check out Events Calendar for our next meeting date and time. Our regular meeting place is 1895 SE Flying Fortress Lane, Stuart, FL 34996. Map here

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What is Ham radio? Amateur radio operator Chris Tate, KJ4UBL explains in this 30 second audio recording on our Learning Resources page.

Caroline Nolan (age 12) at ARRL Field Day 2012

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We have some unique features which allow us to organize our group activities and communicate via the web more efficiently. You don't need to register to visit or browse our site, but you do need to be a member to see details of other member profiles or photo albums. We invite you to join our club if you have an interest in Amateur Radio and electronics technology.

What's Happening

    Field Day 2017

   Preparations Begin!

MCARA/MCARES members: We need your help in setting up for the event on Friday, June 23rd beginning at 9:00 in the morning!

We will be erecting two towers and several smaller antennas, laying out the operating positions in the pavilion, and locating the smoker and other food service items.

Field Day 2017 operations officially begin Saturday, June 24th at 2:00 PM.  The event is held at Sandsprit Park in Stuart, and typically continues until early after noon on Sunday, mostly depending on weather.  The park is located at 3443 SE St. Lucie Blvd in Stuart, FL.

More Details
The second annual Pinewood Elementary Maker's Faire attracted dozen's of kids and their parents to a room-full of Making (AKA home-brewing) right here in Stuart! Squishy Circuits, RaspberryPi Synthesizer, and GOTA were hits!  Learn More
Hobe Sound: New Repeater in Town!

Stuart ham Bob Dye N4PSK has put up a new UHF repeater in Hobe Sound.  The repeater operates at 443.900 MHz in the 70 cm band, and the coverage looks fantastic!  More Details
Almost a dozen MCARA members came out for the Saturday, April 28, March of Dimes event in Jensen Beach's Riverside Park.  Radio Operators were stationed around the course to improve communications for event support personnel. The March raises awareness and funds to improve the care of babies from preconception to annual family walk day.

Left to Right: K4TMA, N4DWM, KV4MS, K4MNJ, KE4MZT, KD4PQQ, K4GMW, K4OIL, W4SPR, KI4OXP.  Photo by K4OIL.
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Signup for Classes to get your NOAA SKYWARN Spotter training and Martin County SKYWARN spotter number -- Look on the events calendar or Contact Us to find out when the next class at Martin County Emergency Operations Center, 800 SE Monterey Road, Stuart is scheduled.

If you would like to get your ham radio license or upgrade, please contact us and we will quickly put you in touch with a local ham to guide you.

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Upcoming events

24 Jun 2017 10:00 • Sandsprit Park, 3443 SE St. Lucie Blvd in Stuart, FL
26 Jun 2017 20:00 • 147.060 Repeater +600 Offset 107.2 Hz Tone
03 Jul 2017 20:00 • 145.150 Repeater -600 Offset 107.2 Hz Tone
06 Jul 2017 17:30 • Southern Pig & Cattle Co., 2583 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL 34994
10 Jul 2017 20:00 • 145.150 Repeater -600 Offset 107.2 Hz Tone
13 Jul 2017 19:30 • 800 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, FL 34994

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